What is Functional Dermatology?


Jessica prides herself on offering the latest available medical expertise for any skin concern. Jessica understands that many skin issues are not simply at the surface level, but may indicate something deeper about the patient’s overall health and wellbeing. She, therefore, seeks to address the root causes of disease or inflammation, believing that her role is to empower the body to heal itself. This systems, biology and evidence-based approach is called Functional Medicine. Jessica has been accepted as a Candidate for the Certified Practitioner Program with The Institute for Functional Medicine, the only integrative medicine training accredited by the American Medical Association (AMA) for licensed medical practitioners. Jessica is invigorated by the opportunity to explore the niche of Functional Dermatology as an innovative approach to serving her patients long-term health and well-being. Jessica’s unique approach leads to a customized treatment plan for her patients that addresses lifestyle factors and minimizes harmful and unnecessary side effects. She works collaboratively with each patient to determine the best plan of action tailored to his/her individualized skin care needs and goals.