What Jessica's Patients Are Saying

What Jessica's Patients Are Saying

“The absolute best and a master injector. I tell Jessica ‘Do your thing,’ and I am never disappointed. Her approach is natural and she puts up the stop signs when necessary; a must-have trait for her profession. She did my Botox and cheek filler and I love the results. I also requested lip filler but instead we did a ‘lip flip’ and it did exactly what I wanted the filler to do. Thank you Jess!”

  • Dina Racc, New York NY

“Jessica is a treasure. She’s the total package in a provider: she listens and tailors her assessment to your needs, wants, and comfort level. I immediately trusted her advice on my skin and how to achieve the results I am looking for. I literally went to see her twice in one week, that’s how much I like her and what she was able to offer me. If you aren’t thrilled with your skin, you need to make an appointment with Jesica. Shes the answer!”

  • Jill Albrecht, Pittsburgh, PA

“Out of the MANY dermatologists I have seen over the years for acne treatment, Jessica is by far the best without question. She is patient, understanding, and genuinely wants to help achieve your skin goals safely and effectively. The patients’ health is her #1 priority and it shows. The other thing I like about Jessica is that she doesn’t rush you like every other dermatologist out there does. She doesn’t allot a mere 5 minutes for your appointment like so many others do. She answers every single question you have and provides such knowledgeable answers. I would give Jessica 10 stars if I could!!!”

  • Kelsey Lemon, Hoboken, NJ

“Jessica is truly The Skin Guru! I have been going to her for years for all different skin issues. I had gone to several dermatologists in the area and never truly had a great experience. One doctor put me on antibiotics for 8 months! She was able to correct my treatment plan and my skin has been glowing ever since! She is hands down top notch and I would give her 10 stars if I could. I see her for Botox and filler and she is even more skilled than some facial plastics I have been to in NYC. I recommend Jessica to all my friends and family and they all rave about her.”

  • JF, Jersey City, NJ

“Jessica Kaylor is a miracle worker! Not only is she a superbly skilled dermatologist but she also expertly takes into account the realities of my day-to-day skin care practices when diagnosing and recommending procedures. She has greatly improved the quality of my skin but, honestly, that’s just the beginning! Her holistic approach to skin care has really increased my knowledge about how to live a healthier overall lifestyle that benefits my skin, of course, but also so much more! I leave every appointment with immediate results and also longer-term advice and guidance.” 

  • James Runkle, Hoboken, NJ